Niehku Mountain Villa was conceived by a mixed group of dreamers, adventurers and entrepreneurs who share a genuine passion for skiing and the great outdoors. The enterprise is founded by Johan “Jossi” Lindblom and Patrik “Strumpan” Strömsten, two of Sweden’s best qualified people in the field of adventure tourism, guiding, hotels, restaurants and gastronomy. They’ve also been friends for many years and grew up in the area. You can’t get more local than that.



Niehku Mountain Villa’s major strength is our fantastic staff. The best staff are those with the biggest heart for Niehku. Combined with solid professional skills, we intend to deliver a warm and personal environment. All our staff is handpicked for the mission, ensuring the food, beverage and accommodation meet the same high standards as the skiing and outdoor experiences. Co-founder Patrik “Strumpan” Strömsten, the only swede to have won the Sommelier of the year award twice, a passionate skier and restaurant manager, has made sure that you will experience this unique atmosphere at Niehku.



Following many years on the international guide scene, specialising mainly in heli-skiing at some of the world’s most remote, unexplored locations, co-founder Johan “Jossi” Lindblom has now returned home to his roots and the familiar mountain landscapes around Riksgränsen. Johan’s ambition is to harness the years of experience he’s gained as a travelling IFMGA mountain guide, to create fantastic adventures for the guests of Niehku Mountain Villa.

Our heliskiing guides are all internationally certified IFMGA mountain guides, with several years’ experience of heliskiing and skiing in the mountains of Swedish Lapland. For ski touring you will experience the beautiful summits with either a IFMGA mountain guide or one of our local mountain leaders, who know the area better than most.

In the summer our experienced hiking guides or IFMGA mountain guides will take you to the most hidden and remote trails and places.