Combining stunning nature
with top class comfort

Niehku Mountain Villa is a unique venue combining fantastic experiences in stunning natural landscape with the highest standards of comfort when it comes to accommodation, gastronomy and spending time together. Equipped with 14 exclusive double rooms and a restaurant, bar, lounge, sauna and relax with massage facilities, this is a high calibre venue which retains a personal, relaxed, family-orientated ambience. The perfect place to enjoy rest and contemplation, togetherness and culinary experiences.

Malmbanan (the Iron Ore Line) passes through the site, right on the border between Sweden and Norway. Running between Kiruna and Narvik, this legendary train line has been ferrying iron ore for over one-hundred years. Niehku Mountain Villa is built on the site of the line’s old roundhouse, which operated from 1902 to 1923. The roundhouse’s old semi-circular wall passes through sections of the new building – a fascinating architectural feature and an important part of the site’s history.

The interiors were designed by Stylt, the internationally award winning design agency, which drew inspiration from the old roundhouse in combination with natural materials and colours and local culture and tradition. This idea is echoed in our name, Niehku, the Northern Sami word for “dream”. We think it’s the perfect way to describe a place where dreams about big adventures come true.

Culinary adventures

Niehku Mountain Villa serves superbly cooked cuisine for hungry adventurers – substantial fare with a touch of flair. We aim to extend the day’s adventure around the dinner table, taking good care of you and guiding you through new experiences just as we do when we’re up in the mountains. Our kitchen makes use of nature’s best ingredients, local producers and the rich variety of the seasons with the emphasis on game and fish from the forests and mountains. This is combined with the best our Norwegian neighbours have to offer (the border is less than 50 metres from the kitchen door), featuring fantastic ingredients from Atlantic waters.

Our cellar stocks around 500 wines which have been carefully selected by Patrik “Strumpan” Strömsten, whose passion for wine is equalled only by his love for skiing and the wilderness. Importing wines independently, Patrik is the only person to have won the Sommelier of the Year award in Sweden on two occasions. Some of our wines are stored in the pits of the old roundhouse, which have been preserved. These are visible through the floor of the dining area. The venue combines fantastic flavours and excellent standards with a personal, relaxed and down-to-earth ambience.