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The Landscape

Niehku Mountain Villa is located in the Riksgränsen ski resort, just over 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. Up here in the north-westernmost reaches of Sweden, the landscape is wild, wondrous, and ever-changing. Join us for unique adventures in the great outdoors, in the unspoilt wilderness of Lapland’s mountains.


Not only does our location right on the border between Sweden and Norway make us a boundary between two countries, it also means that we are at the crossroads of several very different landscapes. With Niehku Mountain Villa as your base camp, you can dive straight into a wide array of equally varied and spectacular outdoor adventures. One day you might find yourself on the Swedish side of the border, at the heart of a mighty mountain wilderness. The next afternoon, you could be taking in sweeping views of Norway’s breathtaking fjords. During the ski season, our ski tours are just as likely to land us in Norway as in Sweden. We are less than an hour’s drive or train journey from a variety of mountains and peaks, many of which soar from near sea level to an altitude of as much as 1,000 to 1,300 metres. The weather can vary greatly between the mountains and the fjords, and here the flexibility of our tours offers yet another unique advantage: We can choose where to go based on where the conditions are best, from the mountains to the fjords.



The “Malmbanan” railway runs straight past Niehku, tracing the border between Sweden and Norway. This legendary train line between Kiruna and Narvik has been transporting iron ore for over a century. Niehku Mountain Villa is built on the site of the line’s old roundhouse, which operated from 1902 to 1923. The roundhouse’s old semi-circular wall passes through sections of the new building – a fascinating architectural feature and an important part of the site’s history.



June 27 2024 - September 22 2024

With the assistance from a helicopter we will take you to remote and seldom visited places. With light backbacks we hike straight into the mountains, far away from the beaten path.

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