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Long Weekend Hiking Experience 2024
June 27 – September 22
Summit Hiking Experience 2024
July 11th-14th, August 8th-11th, or September 12th...
Arctic Winter Weekend 2025
January 23 - February 16 2025
Ski Touring 2025
February 20 – March 20
Heliskiing 2025
March 9 – May 18

Our new Summit Hiking Experience 2024

Hiking has been a longstanding tradition in Riksgränsen. In 1943, three recurring guests at Riksgränsen established the Riksgränsen summit badge. The badge aimed to welcome all true mountain enthusiasts to sportingly excellent, interesting, and thrilling ski journeys, providing diverse opportunities to acquire the skills of skilled, enduring mountain skiers and mountaineers. Only one summit per hike counts, in accordance with the original rules from 1943, and you can collect your summits during unlimited years. When you have summited five different peaks, the badge is awarded at a ceremony at the summit.

Join us for an unforgettable hiking experience amidst the landscapes of northern Lapland. Discover the rich tradition of hiking in the region and earn Niehku's prestigious 5-summit badge by conquering five summits over 1300 metres or with a vertical drop of at least 800 metres, summer or wintertime.  To take part you need to be physically prepared for two long day hikes, 6-8 hours/day, with vertical drops up to 1100 metres. The terrain can be partly steep and rocky but will not include technical climbing; however, it will offer breathtaking views.

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Long weekend Hiking Experience 2024

Our classic summer hiking experience, where you get to hike from the mountains all the way down to the Norwegian fjords.

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Niehku Mountain Villa is more than a hotel – it’s a home away from home. Each of our 14 guest rooms offers superior comfort and service, a cosy retreat after a long day of adventure, and a pleasant evening of good companionship and great cuisine.




In the winter months, we offer both heliskiing and ski tours for passionate adventurers. Whether you get there by air or on foot, our experienced guides and helicopters can whisk you away to some 60 skiable peaks, transporting you to a magnificent mountain world where every summit, valley, and mountain lake bears a Sami name. Here, between Riksgränsen, Abisko, and Kebnekaise, you can also ski around the clock in the midnight sun during the latter part of the winter season.

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We serve well-prepared food for hungry adventurers. Our ambition is to let...
Niehku Mountain Villa has been created by a diverse team of dreamers and...
Niehku Mountain Villa is located in the Riksgränsen ski resort, just over...

Dining Room & Wine Cellar

We serve superb cuisine for hungry adventurers – substantial fare with a touch of flair. We aim to extend the day’s adventure around the dinner table, guiding you through new experiences with the utmost care and attentiveness, just as we do when we’re up in the mountains.

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Getting here

Kiruna Airport in Sweden is located about 140 kilometres from the Riksgränsen ski resort, and you can also fly to Harstad-Narvik Airport in Norway, which is about 85 kilometres from Riksgränsen. Or just take the train directly from Stockholm, Luleå, Kiruna, or Narvik. During the high season there is also a daily bus service from Kiruna and Narvik.



We’ll pack light and head straight out into a beautiful alpine wonderland, far from all roads and cleared trails. For a truly rare and remote adventure, our helicopters can transport you to pristine peaks where few have ever dared to venture.